Superheroes with Scruffy Sidekicks: Natalie & Roxy

Superheroes with Scruffy Sidekicks

Natalie & Roxy are like Han Solo & Chewbacca


Most Superheroes have someone they would consider a partner or sidekick. Just a few Superheroes have a “Scruffy” sidekick. Is your pooch the Beast Boy to your Teen Titans Training? Today I am super excited to introduce you to the Chewbacca of my Kessel Run Roxy. Roxy and I have been running together for 18 years and though she has slowed down a little in the last few years, she will jump around the room and whine with excitement when she sees me take out her “running” harness.

Welcome Natalie tell us a little bit about your Scruffy Sidekick.

Roxy is a 18 year old white poodle mix. I originally adopted her on the television show “Who Gets The Dog”. The shoew rescued shelter dogs and found a fitting home for the dog.

Roxy at about 1 year old.

What is you and your furry friends superpower?

Roxy’s superpower is that she can still run with me at 18 years old.


Where are your favorite places to workout or run with your sidekick?

Roxy and I love to run up and down the streets of our surrounding neighborhood. We also love running to and around our local parks. Roxy especially loves running around the La Brea Tar Pits.

Roxy and Natalie out on a run.

Tell us about a running moment that made you proud.

A running moment that made me proud happened just recently. I was supposed to run the Malibu half marathon in 2017 but got plantar fasciitis in both feet and was unable to run. At that time in my training I was averaging a 10:00 mile. I took about 9 months off and started a very slow progressing run walk training schedule for the Malibu half marathon in 2018. This time around I was averaging a 13:30 mile. I finished the Malibu Half Marathon in 2 hours and 30 minutes making my average mile time 11:28. I am so incredibly stoked about my time.

Roxy would run a faster mile if I didnt make her slow down.

Do you have any funny stories about your scruffy workout friend?

When Pokemon Go was first released Roxy and I would do our training chasing Pokemon around our part of the city. Most of the time we would head to The La Brea Tar Pits and run around the park taking breaks as we needed. One afternoon on the way home Roxy sat down on the grass and refused to get up. She was tired.  The only times she would stand up was to give me the signal to pick her up. Well Roxy is a small dog, but have you ever tried to run while carrying a 12 pound dog? After trying a few different ways of carrying her while jogging, she and I both settled on me wearing her like a scarf. The last mile home Roxy was doing her happy noise while laying across my shoulders and me jogging with an added 12lbs. Now she asks to be picked up all the time on runs.



What lessons can we learn from our pets?

Roxy is always willing try something for the first time, she loves unconditionally, and she is always willing and trying to do the things she loves! ex. running and riding in the car. I think if we all did those 3 things more often in our lives we would experience so much more joy and happiness. Roxy has also taught me age is just a number. At 18 years old she continues to run up and down our stairs and in circles on a daily basis.

Are there any other stories you want to share about exercising with your furry friend?

Roxy also loves when I do mat workouts in my driveway. She loves being out doors, sunbathing, stealing a spot on the yoga mat and trying to steal a pet or two while I am stretching or working out.


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