Workout Superheroes with Scruffy Sideckicks Survey

Workout Superheroes with Scruffy Sidekicks

Most Superhero's have someone they would consider a partner or sidekick. Just a few Superhero's have a "Scruffy" sidekick. Is your pooch the Chewbacca to to your Kessel Run? Or the Beast Boy to your Teen Titans Training and you want them to be featured on Geekout Your Workout? Then you are in the right place! Answer the questions below and I will create the blog post around your scruffy sidekick. I plan to do 1 Superhero's with Scruffy Sidekicks a month and will let you know before the blog is posted and can tag you on social media as well.

Thank you! I cant wait to read about your Scruffy Sidekick!

What is your name and blog name?
What major city do you live in?
Tell us a little bit about your favorite workout/running partner. (name, breed, age, etc.)
What is you and your furry friends superpower/s?
Where are your favorite places to workout or run with your scruffy sidekick?
Have you ever raced or gotten a medal with your scruffy sidekick?
Tell me about a running moment that made you proud. (with or without your sidekick)
Do you have any funny stories about your workout sidekick?
What lessons can we learn from our pets?
Are there any other stories you want to share about exercising with your furry friend?
What nerdy duo would you consider you and your furry friend most like and why?
(Please use your are a few examples... Batman and Robin, Captain America and Bucky, Rapunzel and Pascal)
Your new question!

Please leave your email address and social media below if you would like me to contact you before the feature posts or tag you on the social media post.

Please email 4-7 photos of you and your scruffy sidekick to Please include your name and blog in the title if applicable. (A submission without photos will not be considered. Please try to include at least one of your pet and one of the two of you together.)



Thank you,

Princess Natkins & Roxy


Email (will only be used to contact you about when the feature is posting)


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