I tried AIR Aerial Fit in Beverly Hills, CA. Here is what you can expect!

I tried AIR Aerial Fit in Beverly Hills, CA. Here is what you can expect!

By:Natalie Atkins Editor: Kimberly Atkins Farcomeni
I originally found AIR Aerial Fitness in Beverly Hills, CA because I was diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis. My doctor told me I had to cancel the 2 half marathons I was signed up for and he instructed me to not run! I was to do my best to do minimal jumping/bouncing type of exercises to let my feet heal. (More on that to come!) WELL… I had been training for marathons almost daily for the previous 2 years. If you have seen my instagram or youtube, you know I LOVE working out! I am also currently still that girl that you can find dancing in the aisle of a grocery store, farmers market and even airport terminals. I do NOT sit still very well! So, I knew I had to find a way to workout that would not make my injury worse. This is when I decided to try AIR fitness. You can book classes through both MindBody or ClassPass. When you first walk into the AIR studio you find an open room with brightly colored teal silks or aerial hammocks hanging from the ceiling. If its your 1st class get there early to sign the waiver and get set up. The only thing you really need to bring is a water bottle (though there is a water fountain in the studio).The studio supplies mats for your workout, but you are welcome to bring your own. There are cubbies at the back of the studio where you can store your personal belongings like cell phones, keys and shoes. (Make sure you take off any loose or hanging jewelry before class.) Then you are ready for the fun to begin! (The studio was running a special where I could get unlimited classes for the week for a set price so I jumped on that opportunity, knowing I wanted to try everything for you guys! ) When should I arrive? 15-20 minutes before class to find parking and ready your workout space. What should I bring? Water bottle What should I wear? Yoga/Workout cloths. I find it most comfortable to do this type of workout in workout pants that are capri length or longer. Any form fitting workout shirts that can be tucked in without any extra loose straps are best. A sports bra to a well fitted t-shirt/tank will work. Try not to wear any clothing that has loose or extra fabric, it can make this workout near impossible. You will be going upside down so make sure to bring a hair tie. Facilities: The studio has a restroom if you are taking class. They also supply mats, weights and a water fountain. What superhero would most enjoy this workout? Spiderman, Supergirl, Batman, Wonder Woman, Black Widow, Storm, Goku, Eren or Mikasa (Attack on Titan) Class Number 1- AIR Flow Finding the studio is easy! It’s across the street from the Beverly Connection in a smaller complex, upstairs in the top right corner. You can see it from the street. There is a small lot with a parking attendant. Tell him where you going and you will be able to park for free. (On weekends get there early or you might have to find street parking or park across the street in the structure!) The AIR Flow class was 50 minutes long and was much like a regular yoga flow class, except we used the aerial hammock to do modified, air-born or inverted yoga poses. The instructor was very knowledgeable and patient. She both demo-ed what we would be doing then she walked around helping the new students like myself go upside down for the 1st time. Though nervous to flip upside down for the first time, I couldn’t wait to do it!!! Once we went upside down, I couldn’t stop giggling! I knew that this type of exercise is something I would NEED to do again! The class had a nice slower pace to it, where we concentrated on some strength building but also stretching out our bodies. The teacher gave modifications to do poses both in the aerial hammock and out of it. This class was great for my plantar fasciitis with no jumping needed. I could not wait to get back to another class. I felt like Supergirl gracefully flying in the fabric! Class Number 2- AIR Foundation The AIR studio offers different types of classes, so for my next class I decided to take the AIR Foundation class. This was another 50 minute class but this class was more concentrated on getting your heart rate up and building the muscle you need to do different tricks in the silk. The beginning of class was a warm up, then the workout portion, we learned the pose of the week, and finally did a cool-down/stretch. I did not know you could do almost ANY exercise with at least 1 body part in the aerial hammock! You can do AIR burpees, step-ups, sit-ups, leg lifts and the list goes on!!! This class definitely got my heart rate up and my muscles burning multiple times during class. But most importantly it was fun yet challenging! Not only was I challenging my body in new ways, with inverting, I was challenging my mind and how my body moves through space. The most fun portion of the class was learning the AIRPOW, or pose of the week. After all that hard work at the end of class there was a pose I can do to show off all my hard work. When it came to my plantar fasciitis I only had to modify a couple movements to take out the jumps (like the Burpees). However standing in the silk barefoot felt really good on my arches, like my arches were finally able to get the “stretch” they needed. Though my feet were still sensitive, it helped relieve some of the tension and pressure that had built up in my feet! I found this class more challenging than my first class, but also loved the sensation of being off the ground and flying! I had the feeling of being Batman and being able to pull my bodyweight around with the hammock as my Bat-a-rang! I can not wait till class number 3! Class Number 3- AIR Today I decided to try their advanced class. This class is best for someone who has taken a few foundation classes or has some experience with dance, aerial arts or all ready has all around strength. Though the class was 50 minutes long and followed a similar layout to the foundation class, I found myself even more challenged in this class. The workout portion of this class was more vigorous with more difficult exercises. The main part of this class is what I really loved! The instructor teaches you a bit of choreography, or reviews the choreography from the week before and adds on. (This is where it helps to have a background in dance or aerial arts. And it really helps to have the strength and conditioning of the foundation classes or superhero.) Some of the sequences taught in this class take not only coordination but also strength and endurance. The teacher was fantastic, teaching the experienced students that knew what they were doing the added part of the choreography, while also being patient and slowing down to teach me and other new students the choreography. Then she played the music on loop and let the class just “play” with the choreography we had learned! Almost everything was in the aerial hammock for this class which was perfect for my plantar fasciitis. I felt like the most graceful Spiderman during this class! THINGS TO EXPECT- -Air Fit Los Angeles currently offers 6 different types of classes on a regular basis along with privates and workshops. In addition to those I mentioned above they offer kids classes, community classes and core classes. -The first 3-5 classes were the most challenging! In my first 3-5 classes my hands and grip got very tired, very fast and I had to constantly stretch or actively relax them. That does go away with time and I have really enjoyed my added grip strength. -You will feel wobbly and unsure. Its okay! You are trying something new! Most people have never inverted or gone upside down on purpose in their lives, so tell yourself it’s okay and ask the instructor for help. She wants you to succeed as much as I want you to succeed! Take it slow. The more time you take to practice a movement the more comfortable you will get and the better you will become! -Your heart rate will be elevated, you will sweat a little and your muscles will be sore. IMG_1433 OVERALL THOUGHTS There are some classes I take and think this is the class for me. And there are some classes I take and though they are challenging and interesting, it’s just not my thing…With AIR… I CAN’T GET ENOUGH! THIS  I found all the instructors knowledgeable, friendly, patient and extremely helpful. I love that the studio owner, Lindsey, lives locally and is also one of the instructors. She has a contagiously positive attitude when you take her class and it is contagious to both the other instructors and students! The classes at this studio offered me a fantastic way of getting in a workout that both gets my heart rate up and builds some long lean muscles. I also find the classes REALLY REALLY fun and will invite anyone who wants to, to join me for a class. The Air fitness classes incorporate my background in dance and choreography with my need to move and workout! IF I can find an activity that exercises my mind and my body that I also find FUN… Then it’s a no brainer, I do it as often as I can. We all have those days where you just can’t talk yourself into that workout! But I have never had trouble talking myself into going and having fun! IMG_7167 AIR has studios across the US! 3 in Chicago. 2 in Charlotte. 1 in Los Angeles, Denver, Winnetka and Anchorage. If you decide to try a class please tell them PrincessNatkins from Geekout Your Workout sent you! I can’t wait for you to try it! Interested in trying a different type of workout but don’t know what? See my reviews of the different types studios and workouts I am try and see if one sounds like something you would like too!

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